The World's First Acoustically Amplified Subwoofers

LCH Audio is an acoustic engineering company reshaping the audio industry. We developed a novel enclosure geometry, producing a new waveform architecture that acoustically amplifies the bass waves. The result is a subwoofer capable of delivering high fidelity lower octaves that intrinsically blend with your existing loudspeakers.

Dual Horn-Loaded Woofer Design

The single driver, dual horn design expands the 10-inch woofer in the 16-inch cube enclosure design.

Acoustic Amplification

The lower octaves are optimized using acoustic amplification based on our novel enclosure.

Improved Power Efficiency

Acoustic amplification reduces the power requirements and leads to less power consumption.

Modular Design

You can expand your existing system by adding multiple subwoofers units. The lower octaves easily blend with any existing system.

Model B11:  A Revolutionary Speaker Design Defines The Reference Subwoofer


Based on our patent pending dual-horn compression chamber or DHCC™ technology, LCH Audio subwoofers deliver an unparalleled bass response for the listener.


While others in the audio industry abandoned the enclosure geometry in pursuit of driver perfection, we made the enclosure geometric design a central focus. The DHCC™ enclosure delivers more decibels than any other subwoofer in its class.


The B11 is engineered and manufactured in the USA with a unique design, giving you a clarity of sound in the lower octaves unparalleled in the market today.

Thinking Inside The Box


LCH unlocks the lower octaves acoustically, transforming any system with unparalleled bass clarity.


A single concealed 10”woofer deep in the cabinet fires into an acoustic compression chamber and is folded towards the listener through a pair of vertical cork horns.


A plurality of nested waveforms  inside the box condition the output acoustically creating more dB per cc than any other design…with astounding efficiency and linear response from 20 Hz to 1000 Hz.


More An Artistic Expression Than a Component


Our LCH Audio subwoofers are made with the precision of an orchestral instrument, intricately constructed using only superior components, sustainable engineered wood panels, premium exotic veneers and with sculpted natural cork horns.






Transducer: 1 x 10” Dual Voice Coil


Nominal impedance: 4 or 8 Ohms


Enclosure type: Proprietary and Patent Pending Design


Enclosure material: Recycled MDF Wood with Veneer


Color options: Black, White or Walnut


Horn construction: Natural Cork


Binding posts: Five Way Gold Plated


Isolation pads: Rubber or Wood




Frequency response: 20 – 1000 Hz


Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz


Horizontal dispersion: 145°


Vertical dispersion: 165°


Maximum SPL: 105 dB


LP crossover frequency: 250 Hz


Power handling: 400 Watts




Width: 16 inches


Height: 16 inches


Depth: 16 inches


Isolation pads: 1.5 inches


Weight: 55.5 pounds


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my subwoofers?

LCH subwoofers are passive, therefore they need external amplification. The five way binding posts on each sub allow for connection to a single channel amplifier out. You can then use one or more subs in a variety of configurations. The subs can be bi-wired from a single existing amplifier (one wire to main speakers, one to sub) that has sufficient power, or they can be bi-amped for even more robust bass response.

Since these are passive subwoofers what type of
amplification do I need?

LCH subwoofers are very efficient and can be effectively powered from high current amplifiers with as little as 50 watts. For best results, we recommend between 100 and 400 watts per channel.
How and where do I position my LCH subwoofers?

We recommend typical subwoofer placement as single units preferably in the center of your existing loudspeaker system, and we recommend a pair of LCH subwoofers near both channels in stereo applications – next to the front speakers or just behind them. Alternatively, a pair of LCH subwoofers can be placed in any two opposing corners of the room.
How do I use a pair of LCH subwoofers effectively?

For the best performance, we recommend connecting two LCH subwoofers in a stereo configuration, giving you full range response for both channels. LCH subwoofers can augment virtually any stereo system, a soundbar, or can be played alongside other front and rear channels in any system.

How can I use a single LCH subwoofer?

A single LCH Audio subwoofer can be used in all the ways found with a typical subwoofer. You can use it in any home theater as an LFE channel, to supplement small speakers or a soundbar, or with any stereo set up augmenting one channel.
Do I need tone controls to get the best performance
out of my LCH subwoofer?

The LCH Audio technology eliminates the need for crossover adjustment or tone controls; the LCH subwoofers are engineered to give a tremendously flat bass response that will mix seamlessly into the midrange and beyond with any set of quality front speakers.




$3850 Each   (Standard Finishes)



Available in Walnut, Black and White as Standard

Custom finish options are available upon request


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Our Mission

We want to enrich people’s lives through the joy that music brings, and, in this way, help preserve and restore hi-fidelity for the 21st Century. We are delivering you a new level of clarity, power, and precision previously
unavailable. Bass is the most difficult part of audio reproduction and we have created a great American subwoofer that has to be heard to be believed.

“The LCH Audio technology is the result of many years of critical listening and experimentation to effectively transform bass response. The proprietary design transforms what is possible in the home, in the studio or on the stage. Making a speaker like an orchestral instrument is the first principle to unlock great sound, and it is why I started LCH Audio.”
Mark Menendez

Co-Founder, CEO and Inventor
1337 Brittmore Road
Houston, Texas 77043
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